J. Draven

J.Draven plays a wide variety of music as a troubadour: He has about 150 songs in his repertoir, from old classics (Elvis, Beatles, oldies like "Only you" or "Stand by me"...) to modern hits (Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, HIM), passing by well-known tunes from the 80's (Michael Jackson - Billie jean, Bon Jovi), and 90's (Oasis, Nirvana...), without forgetting the 70's (CCR, Bob Dylan, The Eagles...) specially rock and pop, mostly in English, but also in Spanish if requested (like "Bésame mucho") and some songs I've learnt in Finnish (like "Ikkunaprinsessa" or "Paratiisi").

He likes interacting with the audience and play songs people request, and make them sing along and even dance if they're in the mood.